Co-Worker Gets Lunch Stolen and Full-Out Office Drama Ensues

When you work in an office, there are only so many options when it comes to your lunch break. You could go to a restaurant. You could get take-out. You could bring your lunch.

A lot of times, those options end up being limited depending on how busy you are (you may not have time for a restaurant), and if you’re trying to save money (packing your lunch could help). Regardless, a lunch break is an important part of the day.

If you happen to work in an office or business that has a kitchen with a refrigerator where you can keep your lunch, that is something to take advantage of, but there is one drawback. Have you ever gone to the kitchen to get your lunch only to find that it wasn’t there?

A missing lunch can be frustrating for multiple reasons. First, you’re hungry and you want to eat but your food is gone. Second, there’s the question of did one of your co-workers steal your lunch and if so why? Stealing someone’s lunch is obviously not a nice thing to do.

In a series of tweets, one man posted a play by play of an office drama that really happened when one of his co-workers discovered that his lunch went missing. It all started when the co-worker ordered shrimp fried rice for lunch via take-out. His lunch arrived at 11:30am. He wasn’t going to take his lunch break until noon, a half-hour later, so he put his lunch in the office’s refrigerator to cool it down.

When the co-worker went to the kitchen at noon and opened the refrigerator, his lunch wasn’t there. The co-worker watched video security footage because he wanted to know who took his lunch.

After watching the footage, he discovered who took his lunch, a co-worker who sat right next to him. The whole office found out what happened and who took the lunch, but interestingly enough, the woman who took the lunch out of the refrigerator left before anyone noticed what she had done.

What exactly did she do? She didn’t eat the lunch. No, she took the lunch and buried it in the trash can! Why? We may never know.

The co-worker whose lunch was stolen didn’t want the thief to lose her job over the situation, but he didn’t want it to happen again. HR sent an email to everyone in the company reminding them not to take other people’s lunches. When the woman who stole the lunch walked back into the office and read her email, she acted surprised that someone stole someone else’s lunch.

It was too much for the guy who had his lunch stolen to take. He had to say something. He said, “It’s not okay to throw someone’s food away.” 

The thief responded, “It was your lunch? Why would you go to HR about that?” As the next tweet points out, in one breath, she admitted guilt and called her victim a snitch. Then she went back to work as if nothing had happened.

That same day, just to see what would happen, he had 3 orders of shrimp fried rice delivered. That’s the same meal his female co-worker threw in the trash. He gave one of them to her, and she ate it happily saying how much she likes shrimp fried rice.

Baffling. Simply baffling. Some people who have read this story think that maybe she threw it away because she thought it was stinking up the office or the kitchen or the fridge, but it still isn’t acceptable to throw someone else’s lunch away.

How would you react if someone in your office stole your lunch?