We all know that creating unique crafts is one of the things that makes the holidays so special. Today we’ve got some great projects for you, courtesy of our friends at Food52. These projects are great because they 1) are easy to complete, and 2) require some truly unexpected elements. Get ready to make those ordinary clothespins festive and sleek!

Clothespins tend to elicit a sort of earthy or homey feeling; that’s why these handy little contraptions double well as décor. If you love that raw wood look, that’s great! But if you want to give your clothespins a bit of a more sophisticated look, then we suggest “antiquing” them before you get started on each of these projects.

To “antique” the pins, you will simply need to gather 4 to 5 black tea bags, along with your clothespins. If you want to complete all of these projects, then you should have about 3 dozen on hand.

clothespins in pot with black teabagsFood52
Take a large pot, drop in your tea bags, add water, and put it on the stove. Wait until the water comes to a boil, then remove the pot from the heat. Next, place the clothespins in the pot, and let them steep overnight. Adjust the steeping time depending on how light or dark you want your clothespins to be.

Now that we have the optional staining process out of the way, let’s take a look at the awesome DIY masterpieces that you can make with your pins!

  1. Clothespin Snowflake Ornament

    snowflake clothespin ornaments on a Christmas treeFood52

    If you want to add a distinctive “woodsy” style to your tree, then look no further than this chic snowflake ornament!

    All you need to do is start by dismantling your clothespins. You’ll be using about 7 for this project, depending on your desired size. Afterward, you should be left with pieces of wood and metal bits. Go ahead and discard that metal; you won’t need it for the snowflake.

    Grab a hot glue gun and squirt a small dot of glue on the flat side of each wood piece, and hold firmly together until each one is dry.

    You will know when you are finished when you see that the clothespins have made a complete circle. If you would like to hang it from your Christmas tree, then just cut a piece of string and tie it to the middle hole of the ornament. So cool, right?

  2. Clothespin Coasters and Trivets

    pot and drinks on top of clothespin trivets and coastersFood52

    We think that these trivets and coasters look great in a home during the holidays, but honestly, they’re so charming that we bet you are going to display them in your home year-round!

    To get started on this project, simply dismantle your clothespins and discard the hardware, just as you did in the previous snowflake clothespin ornament project. As a side note: full-sized clothespins make good trivets, while mini ones are the right size for coasters.

    You should now just be left with the wood pieces. Arrange these pieces tightly together so that the ends are touching, thus making a full circle. Dab on some wood glue between each piece to secure, then allow some time for drying. Amanda over at Food52 suggests placing the trivet or coaster under a stack of heavy books so that it dries more evenly.

  3. Clothespin Wreath

    clothespin wreath hanging from shelfFood52

    Now, this is definitely the project for all of you Christmas fiends out there! If you’re wanting to mix up your holiday décor, then look no further. This wreath is so unexpected and sweet.

    To make your very own clothespin wreath, go ahead and grab a mixing bowl and lay a piece of cardboard over the rim. Use the shape of the rim to trace a perfect circle, then cut out the shape using scissors or a precision knife. Next, simply attach your clothespins to the cardboard, grouping them tightly together around the circle.

We just love the way these turned out. If you want to check out even more interesting DIY holiday crafts, go and visit at our friends over at Food52!

What do you think about these clothespin holiday crafts? Have you completed a similar project yourself? If so, how were your results? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!