If there’s anything that we get excited about, it’s most definitely cheap, versatile materials. There’s nothing better than subbing out an expensive device for something that’s economical and easy to find. That’s why we’re going to share a hack with you that features an item that you most certainly already own—zip ties!

Today’s tip comes to us from those DIY geniuses over at YouTube channel Thaitrick. It’s clear that these guys have a mission to educate you on making your own tools the fun way. We love it!

So, as you’ve probably already surmised, zip ties are truly nifty. Here are some of our favorite ways in which you can use them.

person holding a bunch of zip tiesThaitrick
  1. Makeshift Zipper Pull

    Don’t you hate it when the zipper on your expensive suitcase starts to lag? Before you go out and get a costly repair job done, go ahead and try this hack!

    Simply, loop a small-sized zip tie through the metal eye of the zipper, cinch it up, then cut the excess piece off, leaving at least an inch of pulling room. This will take a lot of pressure off of the zipper itself, allowing its wear-time to extend. Awesome!

  2. The Temporary Key Chain

    In need of an improvised key chain? If so, don’t fret. Just grab for that zip tie and make your own!

    Hold your keys in a single-file line so that all of the top holes match up. Then, insert the sharp-end of the zip tie into all of these holes and lock it together. Once you locate the key chain of your dreams, just cut open your DIY one with a pair of scissors.

  3. Zip Tie Shower Curtain Rings

    Shower curtain rings can get grimy and experience discoloration quickly. So, consider trading them out for some barely visible zip ties!

    To do this, lay your shower curtain and rod on a flat surface. Attach the zip tie by first looping it through the top hole in the shower curtain, then over the rod itself. Finish this off by securing the tie onto the rod, allowing there to be a bit of give. The end result actually looks pretty good! This may be our favorite hack on the whole list.

  4. Soup Spoon Saver

    Do your little ones always manage to drop their spoons into their soup bowls? If so, then we’re guessing that you are getting pretty tired of fishing those suckers out! So, just a grab a couple of zip ties and get ready to remedy this problem quickly.

    Take your soup spoon and add a zip tie to the upper handle-end of the utensil. Lock tightly, ensuring that the square-shaped area is protruding out to either side. Then, make a cut so that there is no excess hanging plastic. Then, simply rest on the rim of the bowl. How did we not think of that one before?

Now, these awesome zip tie hacks don’t stop here—there are EIGHT more of these handy tips! Click on Thaitrick’s video below to see the rest.

What do you think of these zip tie hacks? Which one is your favorite? How do you like to use your zip ties? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!