There are so many wonderful reasons to eat as much watermelon as you can this summer. And if you’re constantly on the lookout for pretty and cool ways to serve it, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some deliciously creative ways to serve and eat watermelon:

  1. Adorable, Fruit Salad-Stuffed Watermelon Frog:
    frogThe Rachael Ray Show
  2. Watermelon Jell-O Shots:
    Watermelon jello shots cut into wedges for eatingTipHero
  3. Watermelon Grill With Fruit Kebabs:
    watermelon_grillShe Knows
  4. Put Watermelon Ice in Your Drink:
    Watermelon Icerockvillephoto via Dollar Photo Club
  5. Serve Up a Watermelon Teapot:
    Watermelon TeapotThe Icing Artist
  6. Serve Drinks Out of a Watermelon Keg:
    Spark some juicy conversation with this summer party centerpiece! Our video makes it easy to tap a DIY watermelon keg filled with boozy watermelon punch.TipHero
  7. Watermelon Shark Stuffed with Fruit Salad:
    Watermelon SharkPOPSUGAR Food
  8. Serve Watermelon Cubes Out of It’s Own “Bowl”:
    watermelonCrazy Russian Hacker
  9. Carve a Watermelon Bunny (Not Just for Easter):
    Watermelon Rabbit Collage.jpgNational Watermelon Promotion Board
  10. Use a Drill to Make the Coolest Watermelon Smoothie:
  11. Easy Sliced Watermelon in a Bowl:
    watermelon Cropped84thand3rd
  12. Make an Unexpectedly Brilliant Watermelon Cake:
  13. Grill It!: