Clever Trick for Forming Perfect Burger Patties Every Time

Making the perfect burgers of course has a lot to do with how you season them and how you cook them. But the perfect burger also begins with the perfect patty. If you handle them too much or don’t create an even burger, the end result is going to be less than stellar. However, if you use this simple 10 second trick from Food & Wine, you’ll be able to form perfectly round patties every single time without over-handling your beef.

Bonus Tip: Those restaurant containers he uses in this video can be purchased on Amazon. The containers come in two sizes: 16 & 32 ounces. A Chef once told me he uses these at home instead of tupperware because the lids work on both sizes and you never have to go hunting around through your tupperware searching for the right size. I switched to using these restaurant containers instead of tupperware and left the headache of different sizes and lids behind me. The 32 ounce size is perfect for soups. I make a crockpot worth of soup every couple of weeks and freeze them in these containers so I always have a meal I can pull out of the freezer. So cool to have another use for these lids. Absolutely brilliant.

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