There are few places that get as nasty as the toilet. If you leave it, the toilet tends to discolor on the bottom, rings start to form – it’s not a pretty picture. You might imagine that the only way you can get rid of that nastiness is by bleaching the inside of your toilet, but not so! There are actually some surprisingly effective ways you can get the inside of the bowl sparkling clean. Our three favorite ways are highlighted in the Rumble video below!

Denture Cleaners – …I’m sorry, what? It’s true! Throw some denture cleaner and let it sit for 3 hours. The toilet water will fizz and turn blue, at which point you can flush that (and all the gunk, too) away.

Coca Cola – Pour in a whole bottle of Coke and let it sit overnight. Flush in morning for a sparkling clean toilet.

Vinegar – Is there anything vinegar can’t do?! Pour in a cup of white vinegar, let it soak, and flush.

Never look at a filthy toilet again with these simple cleaning tricks.