Spring cleaning is upon us, which means it’s time to get into all those nooks and crannies you’ve been neglecting for the past, well, 12 months. It’s okay, that’s what spring cleaning is for, right? One of the biggest offending areas for much-needed cleaning are your window screens…all of them, if your yearly cleaning schedule is anything like ours.

Window screens, because of their essential design, have a nasty tendency of collecting every bit of dust and pollen that comes their way. And since they’re the first line of defense for your windows, the odds of them being VERY dirty are VERY high. Worse, this is going to make it difficult for people with allergies to breathe properly in their own home.

Not only are they likely to be pretty filthy come springtime, but window screens are so painful to take out of their frames. Popping each one out, cleaning them, and putting them all back in is half the battle when it comes to this chore. But there is a way to make this necessary task a little less troublesome this year! All you need to do is approach screen cleaning in a different way.

Antonio Sabato Jr. of YouTube channel Fix It and Finish It has brought us a cleaning technique that will let you clean those pesky window screens without having to take them out of the window frames. We can’t promise they won’t be pretty darn dirty still, but we can promise this method will save you a boatload of time when it comes to your spring cleaning schedule!

Cleaned window screens.Fix It and Finish It
This alternative way of screen cleaning requires two basic household tools, which you might have sitting in your home right now. Here’s what you’ll need for a breezy spring cleaning:
  • New, wide paint brush
  • Hand-held vacuum

If you don’t have a new brush hanging around from, say, the last time you felt inspired to paint the dining room, this is an easy fix. Any grocery store or hardware store will carry a variety of brushes to choose from. In this case, something larger with soft bristles would be helpful to cover more area in a shorter amount of time.

Truthfully, hand-held vacuums (a.k.a. DustBusters) won’t be as cheap to just casually get at the store. Still, you can get a new one at stores like Walmart or Target for around $40, which isn’t too bad for an appliance you will definitely use. However, if you don’t want to spend the cash and you don’t have a DustBuster at home already, using the hose attachment of your full-sized vacuum cleaner will have the same effect.

For the full instructions on this cleaning tactic, make sure to watch the Fix It and Finish It video below.

By using these two unassuming tools, you can quickly clean each and every window screen in your house! Just think of all that extra time you’ll have saved by skipping the step of removing and putting back those annoying screens. It’s a pretty great thought.

What do you think of this helpful spring cleaning tip? Share your thoughts on this method in the comments section below.