The sink is one of the focal points of your kitchen. Which is a shame, because it’s usually the messiest part of your kitchen. It really can’t be helped – all your dirty dishes go in the sink and if you have a disposal, garbage can even go into your sink. And we all know that stuff tends to pile up. The more the dishes and food scraps sit in the sink, the more it looks and smells very unappealing. An easy solution? Keep your sink clean! Ingenious, I know. If you’re thinking that that’s easier said than done, check out the video below. It has some helpful hints to keep your kitchen sink always clean.

Shocker – the biggest secret to keeping a clean sink is NOT LEAVING DISHES IN THE SINK. This is a matter of habit. Try to force yourself into the habit of putting your dirty dishes right into the dishwasher, or cleaning them right away if you don’t have a dishwasher.

Once the sink is clear of dishes, wipe away any debris into the sink and rinse it away. Then spray the sink down with an all-purpose cleaner or a mix of vinegar and water if you prefer!

Next, the secret weapon, baking soda. Once wiped down, sprinkle the sink with baking soda and wipe the powder entirely away with hot water. Then buff with a dry cloth.

There are so many other amazing tips in this video to get a sparkling clean sink! Watch the rest of the video for the full breakdown of how-to’s and feel free to share any sink cleaning tips you have in the comments section below.