I would be willing to bet that most of us think of food as something we cook and eat. You wouldn’t be wrong (obviously) but you might be surprised to know that food can do so much more for us around the house! Certain foods also make surprisingly good household cleaners, on top of being delicious. Wondering how food (which is more often than not the source of all messes) can actually help you with cleaning around the house? Watch the video below and learn 4 household hacks that use our every day foods.

Rice – Who knew rice could be so helpful with the dishes?! For those hard-to-reach places (a.k.a. the bottom of every pitcher and vase), combine rice with warm water and dish soap to upset stains and caked-on food.

Lemon – This one might be a little more obvious, it’s pretty common knowledge that lemon can do just about anything. Combine lemon with baking soda for a stain cleaner that smells AMAZING. Not only will your stains be gone, but they’ll smell lemony fresh, too.

Ketchup – Mind. Blown. Mixing ketchup with some salt creates a homemade copper cleaner for those rusty pots and pans. I knew I loved you ketchup, but wow.

Citrus Peels – Let your citrus peels soak in some vinegar for an all-natural, all-purpose cleaner. Nothing leaves the house smelling fresh like citrus and vinegar.