Stainless steel appliances look fantastic in the modern kitchen. Classy and simple, stainless steel appliances work as great as they look – but they only look as good as you keep them. Stainless steel might be able to resist rust and corrosion, but they can’t resist stains. Despite what the name might say. You can’t just polish stainless steel the same way you would a regular appliances and having a professional cleaner in to polish your appliances can get expensive. Forget that. Here are 10 inexpensive ways to get your stainless steel sparkling clean without overspending.

  1. Commercial Stainless Steel Cleaners

    Because stainless steel is darn special, it has it’s very own type of cleaner! Although these commercial options tend to be more expensive, they’re very efficient in getting everything from stains to scratches out of your stainless steel surface. Make sure you read the instructions before using the cleaner and then wipe the cleaner off the surface and let the appliance dry. It should be shiny as new.

  2. Bon Ami, Flour Sack and Wax Paper

    Although this method requires some obscure materials (I know I don’t have a flour sack lying around my home) it really works wonders polishing your stainless steel. First, wet one corner of the flour sack and sprinkle the moist section with Bon Ami. Rub it onto the steel in a circular motion, then wet another small part of the sack. Use that second section to wipe the Bon Ami clean in the other direction. Then take some wax paper and rub it over the entire steel surface. Weird, but simple.

  3. Flour

    Flour, eggs and milkMelpomene

    Instead of using the sack, try using what’s inside it, too! Because flour makes a mess, we would suggest only doing this on the sink or on pots and pans that you can clean over the sink. Clean all grime off the stainless steel and then cover it in flour – as much as you’d like. Take a cloth and buff the flour off, leaving only sparkling stainless steel.

  4. Glass Cleaner

    This cleaner is really best for finger prints on the stainless steel surface, it won’t necessarily buff or polish the steel. Spray the glass cleaner all over the surface and use a cloth to wipe the entire surface down.

  5. Furniture Polish

    If you want a REALLY sparkling surface, furniture polish is the way to go. But you shouldn’t apply the polish directly on the stainless steel. Put the polish on a cloth first and buff the stainless steel till it shines. Bonus points for using a lovely scent to make your kitchen smell amazing!

  6. WD-40

    WD-40Deposit Photos

    There are few things WD-40 can’t fix, and a stained or scratched stainless steel appliance is no different. You can spray WD-40 right on the surface to shine it and to prevent future fingerprints. However, there is petroleum in WD-40 so take with the stuff around food.

  7. Club Soda

    Club soda with lemon and mintDeposit Photos

    So cheap and so simple. Fill a spray bottle with club soda and spray the whole surface. Wipe one way with the grain and then the other way against the grain to get a beautiful shine.

  8. White Vinegar and Olive Oil

    Olive OilUSDA via Flickr

    A weird combination, but it’s the perfect cure for a dirty stainless steel appliance. You can apply the vinegar directly to the surface or spray it on, then wipe off any grime by wiping in the direction of the grain. Dab some olive oil on a cloth and use that to shine the surface naturally.

  9. Dish Soap and Baby or Mineral Oil

    Unsurprisingly, dish soap is the perfect thing to clean grime and fingerprints off your appliances. Use soapy water to clean the surface and then a dry cloth for a streak-free clean. To polish, use baby or mineral oil, following the grain on the steel for the best results.

  10. Water and a Cloth

    Can it be so simple? Why, yes, it can. This basic option is the least dangerous on stainless steel – and by far the cheapest. Make sure you use a microfiber cloth to get an impressive shine PLUS a spotlessly clean surface.


Do you have a trick for cleaning stainless steel? Share it in the comments section below.