11 People Who Didn’t Understand How to Clean the Damn Snow Off Their Cars

Everyone who lives in an area where it snows, you know that winter stinks. Sure, the first snowfall is pretty and makes you want to build a snowman and drink hot chocolate and make snow angels.

But by the second, third, the eighteenth snowfall, you’re sick of it. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s slushy and sleety. It even impacts you getting the dang mail. (Walk to the end of my driveway in a blizzard? No thank you.)

But perhaps the most frustrating part of snow? Is having to get in your car drive somewhere the day after (or even of) a storm. The roads are probably a mess, and worst of all, if you don’t have the luxury of a garage, you have to clean off your car.

But alas, you begrudgingly grab the ice scraper and put on the defroster and get to work.

Well, unless you’re really, really lazy. Or you don’t have time. Or were never taught to clean your car before.

Whatever your reason, it’s actually really dangerous to drive with snow still on your car. Not only does it obstruct your view, but it could cause issues for other drivers as well. In states or countries it’s against the law, and you could even get fined for it.

“It’s really important that drivers take the time to ensure all of their windows are cleared off before driving,” said Const. Jason Doucette. “Even the smallest patch of snow, ice or condensation left on a window could obscure the driver’s vision of a pedestrian or cyclist.”

Here are 11 people who weren’t exactly sure what it took to clean the snow off of their cars—and who had to pay the consequences.

  1. Visibility: Zero

    This driver thought it was fine to drive like this because he raised his seat so that he can see over the snow. The officer who pulled him over wasn’t having that and fined him $81.

  2. How’d he even get as far as he did?

    The driver of this car in Nova Scotia was fined $176 or driving with an obstruction on the window and windshield.

  3. This isn’t okay

    This isn’t just a hazard for the driver, it’s a hazard for everyone else on the road!

  4. A bit top heavy

    We pray for the cars driving near him.

  5. “NO.”

    Police wanted to make it clear that this is a huge NO-NO. You need to see more than just directly in front of you!

  6. Just enough to see

    Except can they really see? We don’t think so.

  7. Total obstruction

    “NOW THAT IS RIDICULOUSLY DANGEROUS!” the NJ police tweeted about this one. Uh, yeah. We have to agree.

  8. An accident waiting to happen

    You don’t go out on the road like that, I wouldn’t even pull out of my driveway like that,” said the bystander who saw this car driving down the road.

  9. Did they even try?

    Or just run out of time?

  10. You’re doing it wrong

    It’s a mistake to even be driving in these conditions let alone with that much snow on their car.

  11. Snow clean-off fail

    This guy is slick leaving his license plate covered with snow. Don’t worry, he was still fined!

Do you take the time to clean off your car after a snow storm? If you don’t—now will you?