Have trouble getting the dashboard, center console, and doors in your car to really shine up? Even if you’re using chemicals (which smell awful, especially when trapped in an enclosed space), dust seems to settle quickly and can leave your car looking a little worse for wear.

Because of this noxious stink, we find ourselves turning to all-natural options more and more these days, especially when it comes to our car. In the past, we’ve told you all about car-related cleaning hacks, like how a sock filled with kitty litter can keep your windows fog-free in the winter and why a cupcake liner is the one thing that can show a sweaty drink who’s boss, but today we want to focus on a way you can get your dashboard shiny once again–all without the use of a chemical cleaner.

Have we piqued your interest? If so, watch the video below to decode this all-natural mystery item AND get the full tutorial. Your dashboard will be so shiny, you’ll be able to touch up your lipstick while looking at it– if that’s something you’re into, that is…

What do you think of this olive oil car cleaning hack? Have any great tips for cleaning up the interior of your car on the cheap? What’s the best way to preserve the quality of your dashboard?