Clever Tips to Get Your Car Clean and Organized

Of all the things we have to keep clean, the car might be the most difficult. Just the regular combination of kids and always-changing weather is enough to put some stress on our vehicles. Add in summer road trips, sand from the beach, and extra time outdoors? Forget it! Luckily, getting our car clean and organized is actually as simple and satisfying as can be, especially when we have clever tips to help us along— like these tricks from Rachel Talbott! Watch how she got her car feeling fresh again, and get inspired to do the same to yours.

That clean car is so satisfying, isn’t it? There were a lot of basic ideas there, but also some brand-new and creative ones! Here are our favorites:

3 Favorite Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  • Make a DIY all-purpose car cleaner out of equal parts water and baby oil, a few drops of natural soap, white wine vinegar, tea tree oil and essential oils.
  • Use a toothbrush holder in the center console to organize pens, cash, hair ties, and other small items you often need but always have difficulty finding.
  • Make a DIY air freshener by hot-glueing pom-poms to clothespins. Add your favorite essential oils to the pom-poms and let sit so that the scent settles. Clip the air vent and enjoy!

Smart and fun! How do YOU keep your car clean and organized?