With spring on our doorsteps, it’s time to bust out those clay pots again! There are so many ways we love to use clay pots…and none of them involve gardening. Surprised? It’s a little known fact that there are so many insanely clever DIY crafts that can be accomplished with some simple clay pots! These pots have an inherent feel of springtime to them and their smooth, neutral backdrop makes them the perfect starting point for some really fun crafts! Check out our 13 favorite out-of-the-box ways to use clay pots.

  1. Clay Pot Grill


    Want to take advantage of the nice weather by grilling up some steaks? No grill to speak of, you say? No worries, you can make a grill out of a spare clay pot! It’s true, this DIY is simple, impressive and has really delicious results.

  2. Snowman Decoration

    SmilingFrostytheClaypotSnowmanFYI GUY

    Miss the snow? Save those pots for winter and make your kids a snowman that will never melt!

  3. Lighthouse Decoration

    Clay Pot LighthouseThrifty Fun

    For a decoration just as adorable and more seasonable, try this DIY lighthouse decoration! Perfect for the beach house or any nautical-themed home, this craft is simple and looks great.

  4. Garden Fountain


    This seemingly elaborate garden fountain is a simple DIY! Better yet, it’s made entirely of terra cotta pots – talk about cost effective.

  5. Silverware Holders

    Silverware CaddiesShareably

    For a cute party DIY, paint your clay pots some fun colors to hold and display your silverware. Perfect for a BBQ or any backyard party! I especially love the string holding the appropriate tag for each set of cutlery.

  6. Flowering Cupcake

    Flower Pot CupcakeThis Silly Girl's Life

    Who knew clay pots could be so delicious! This adorable (and edible!) DIY bakes flower-themed cupcakes inside of clay pots for effect. What a great dessert or favor for a spring or summer party!

  7. Bird Feeder

    BirdfeederThe Garden Roof Coup

    Show the birds a little love by making them their very own bird feeder! This DIY is simple and will save the potentially big bucks you might have spent on a store-bought feeder.

  8. Garden Mushrooms

    MushroomsBirds and Blooms

    I love this adorable garden decoration! Use clay pots to add a fun, bright pop of color to your garden. Very Alice in Wonderland.

  9. Space Heater

    Space HeaterExpanded Consciousness

    Need a little help with your heating bill? If your area still hasn’t warmed up, this clay pot DIY can reach up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and is very easy to construct.

  10. Candle Votives


    Make your own candle votives! These candles look great once finished and would make great decor for your porch or gifts for your friends! Even better, you can choose whatever scent or color you’d like – even make them mosquito-banishing candles for summer!

  11. Wind Chimes


    For beautiful garden wind chimes, all you need is paint, twine/string and some handy clay pots! You can have this peaceful garden decor just in time for spring.

  12. Accent Table

    Accent TableShareably

    You can even make larger furniture out of clay pots! For an accent table (perfect to hold drinks or a potted plant out on your porch), paint a larger clay pot, turn it upside down and glue some wrapped twine around what would usually be the bottom of the pot. Instant porch furniture!

  13. Leprechaun Hats

    Flower Pots FIShareably

    For St. Paddy’s Day, an upside down clay pot and some festive paints are the perfect way to make a decorative leprechaun hat! This is a craft your whole family will love.


Do you use clay pots in a different, creative way? Share your craft ideas in the comments section below.