How many times have you gone down a rabbit hole on Reddit? There are so many random questions being asked that really make you think—from things that women just don’t quite understand about men to annoying things that trigger you.

Now one Reddit thread has asked people to share certain things that may be perceived as classy if you’re rich but trashy if you’re not.

Really makes you think, huh? Here are the 15 best answers. (Feel free to come up with your own, too!).

  1. Being Really Into Wine

    “I’m not having one glass, I’m having six. It’s called a tasting and it’s classy.”

  2. A Backyard Wedding

    “’A wedding on the grounds’ would be the rich version. Don’t regret my backyard wedding one bit though.”

  3. Making Your Own Booze

    “Craft” liquor vs. “hooch/shine.”

  4. Eating Liver

    “It’s a poor person’s food until it has a French name like pâté and foie gras. Although there is a third way with fava beans and a nice chianti.”

  5. Any Sort of Animal Print

    “Rich = animal. Poor = print.”

  6. Filing for Bankruptcy

    “‘I mismanaged my business’ vs. ‘I can’t make any payments on my trailer.’”

  7. Fake Teeth

    “I see so many celebrities with those fake implants that are going to destroy their jaw bones in a decade, but have a legitimate dental problem that results in missing teeth and you can’t even get a job anymore, oh and dental insurance doesn’t usually cover it either because it’s considered cosmetic. Like getting to chew your food is somehow a style choice.”

  8. Having a Barren House

    “If you’re rich, it’s called minimalism. If you’re poor, it’s not being able to afford furniture.”

  9. Living Car Free

    “If you’re rich, you’re considered a socially woke and ecologically conscious person. If you’re poor, you’re considered a drag on society because your life is dictated by what you can get to on a bike or via public transit and when.”

  10. Asking for Money

    “When you’re poor it’s begging, when you’re rich, it’s a fundraiser.”

  11. Substance Abuse

    “Rich people are ‘troubled’ whereas poor people are just junkies.”

  12. Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

    “When you’re poor, you’re a bad mother if you don’t work to support your kids. When you’re rich or middle class, you’re a bad mom if you don’t stay home with the kids.”

  13. Quirky Names

    “Like Spade, Chicago and Royal. That’s okay if you are rich, they can pass it on as eccentric choice but if you are poor, people will think your folks are trashy uneducated people.”

  14. Having Lots of Kids

    “If you’re rich with a bunch of kids, I would assume Mormon.”

  15. Mate Black Cars

    “If it’s on a luxury car it looks bad ass. If its on your 2001 honda civic, it looks like you spray painted your car.”

What would you add to this list?