How to Make a Bench out of Cinderblocks

The weather is starting to warm up again, thank goodness! That means that backyard picnics, BBQs, and garden tea parties are back in session! And if you’re going to be doing some outdoor entertaining, you’ll want to make sure that your outdoor furniture is up to par. That means that your furniture should be sturdy AND fashionable, if possible. Still looking for that perfect furniture piece? Try this DIY cinderblock bench! It’s simple to make, cheap to make and looks amazing when done! Your garden décor be the talk to the tea party for sure.

What I love about this bench is that it doubles as a little garden, too! The rough grey of the cinderblocks is perfectly balanced out by the pretty, delicate flowers potted in the top. It’s the perfect juxtaposition and looks effortlessly cool in a garden.

Also…this video is hilarious. Just an extra perk to go along with this great DIY!

– Cinderblocks
– Spray paint
– Gardening tools
– Potted plants
– A friend!