Hosting Christmas dinner can be a bit of an ordeal. You have a lot of different things to balance; seating, decor, keeping things tidy, and of course, the menu. No matter how chill or high-strung your family is, they will be expecting some kind of food to be served at Christmas dinner, this is just something that cannot be avoided.

Odds are you’ve already selected the main course, which is maybe turkey, roast beef, or ham. Maybe you even have dessert nail down with some kind of Christmas pie or cookie platter. But one of the most annoying parts of a menu to plan, yet one of the most critical things to include, is appetizers.

Your guests have probably been saving their appetites all day for this big, filling dinner, which means they’re probably starving. Worse, they’re probably starving and having a couple drinks.

To avoid any broken lamps or whining family members, it’s crucial to have yummy bits of finger food out for the guests to enjoy.

If you’re still scrambling to come up your pre-dinner snack, we have a very festive option that you’re going to love! It’s a savory treat that dinner guests that can pull-apart themselves, and it’s perfect for the season: a puff pastry Christmas tree.

Before and after shots of the puff pastry tree.PSYMedia

For those of you who are big fans of puff pastry, you’re probably giddy with relief. Puff pastry is so easy to whip up (you literally take it out of its packaging and put it on a baking sheet to cook) and it tastes so buttery, flaky, and delicious when it’s done. It’s an instant crowd-pleaser!

Your guests are going to love this snack even more when they see that it’s stuffed with delicious deli meats, and appropriately shaped like a Christmas tree for the holiday season! It doesn’t get better than a delicious appetizer that’s ALSO themed for the occasion.

Here’s what ingredients you’ll need to get started on your puff pastry Christmas tree:

  • 1 package puff pastry
  • Deli meat (of your choice)
  • Egg wash

For full directions on how to make this festive appetizer, make sure you watch the Rumble video from PSYMedia below!

Finished puff pastry tree.PSYMedia

While you can chose whatever goes into your tree, we really love the idea of a deli meat. In fact, we’d even add some sliced cheese in there (we are big fans of all things cheese here at TipHero) to really give the pastry an explosion of flavor.

That addition essentially covers your  traditional cheese and meat platter only in a more doughy, tearable option.

However, if you wanted to make this a Christmas tree pizza (with some red sauce, shredded cheese, and toppings), a Christmas tree taco (ground meat and sour cream all the way), or even a dessert Christmas tree (how good would this be stuffed with Nutella?), that is completely up to you.

That versatility is certainly one of our favorite things about the star of this finger food, the puff pasty!

What do you think of this pre-dinner Christmas snack? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.