Woman Hilariously Attempts to Take a Christmas-Themed Photo of Her Pets

All of you dog and cat lovers out there know that although fur babies are good for cuddling and laughs, they don’t always end up making the best models. And to properly illustrate this all-too-real truth, we’ve got an example of how pets are not so adept in the art of posing for photos. Just watch this poor lady try to get all of her animals in line for long enough to snap a picture!

This hilarious viral video starts off with a pet owner trying her best to arrange all FIVE of her adorable little animals in front of her beautifully decorated tree for a Christmas photo.

Her dogs actually do a pretty decent of job of staying put, but her cat is a bit of a different story! Anyone who has actually invested their time in trying to make a cat do anything knows this poor lady’s struggle well! The mischievous kitty cat seems much more interested in annoying the Chihuahua next to her than being the next feline Cindy Crawford!

And though these animals are dressed to the nines, some definitely look much more comfortable than others! Take, for instance, that aforementioned Chihuahua on the end; the poor puppy is struggling to stay polite and in place, but that puffy pink coat it’s wearing looks like it’s restricting some movement!

Maybe that’s what the human star of the video was considering when she chose the ensemble—a doggie strait jacket, if you will, in order to get that winning shot!

Conversely, her brigade of fancy white pups on the right-hand side of the frame look perfectly relaxed. Something tells me that this isn’t their first Christmas card photoshoot!

The crafty pet owner continues to do everything she can to get that perfect picture! She even stays crouched behind her line of animals just so that she can hold the feistier ones down.

At one point her husband makes an appearance as a reflection in the window—he better hurry up and take the photo. His wife can’t hold her animals down all day!

As the clip progresses, it becomes pretty obvious that the cat and Chihuahua are having none of it. Nevertheless, the intrepid woman doesn’t give up, and she actually ends up with a pretty nice result when all is said and done!

Actually, this lady is quite lucky that all of her dogs (and cat!) are relatively small! We know of a picture-loving dog owner who has to deal with posing a much, MUCH larger animal. Yikes!

To see her final pet-filled Christmas card, watch the video below. Keep your eye on the animals at the left-hand side of the frame—those guys are having NONE of it!

What do you think of this funny animal holiday video? Do you ever take posed photos of your cats and dogs? If so, how do you get them to stay still? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!