Woman Keeps Adding Decorations to Her ‘Christmas Gargoyle’ After ‘Karen’ Leaves Rude Notes About Her Display

Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to Christmas decorations. Some people like to be funny and creative. Other people want the decor to be classic and traditional. This is a tale of two differing senses of style and one amazing sense of humor.

Frank the Christmas Gargoyle has his own Facebook page, and yes, you probably have never heard of a Christmas gargoyle before now, but who knows, after the popularity of this amazingly hilarious Christmas decor, it might become a thing.

One neighbor saw a gargoyle on her other neighbor’s front porch, and for some reason, this neighbor, who we shall refer to as Karen (because, well, it’s appropriate), was so bothered by the gargoyle that she left a note for her neighbor complaining that a gargoyle was “not in keeping with the Christmas spirit.” The neighbor’s reaction was to put a Santa hat on the gargoyle and start this epic Facebook page that tells the story of her front porch and Karen’s notes.

As the days pass by, Frank’s owner adds additional Christmas decor around him, like a Christmas tree, a snowman and an Elf on the Shelf. To try to get a reaction from Karen, she adds a sign with a picture from the movie “Die Hard.”

Frank’s owner added a cat skeleton wearing a Santa hat to her porch decor, and that resulted in another note from Karen, who said it was “celebrating death.”

Karen threatened to report Frank’s owner to the HOA. In response, there was a note waiting for Karen.

And, Frank got another friend, another skeleton. This time, it was a dog skeleton.

Up next, hippos! Do you know the hilarious song, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”? It’s funny because it’s so ridiculous, and we love it! So does Frank’s owner, and he is now surrounded by hippos. Karen apparently hasn’t heard of the song, and when she complained about the hippos, writing in yet another note that “hippos have nothing to do with Christmas,” Frank’s owner added a note explaining that “hippos are Christmas AF.” 

The story is far from over. Frank is now sitting next to a phantom of the opera snowman who has a place specifically for Karen’s notes, and COVID-19 has attached itself to the wreath.

Karen put a note in the phantom’s trash can! She is not happy.

There have been a few more unusual additions to this porch Christmas decor, like a holiday-confused plague doctor and his rats.

Karen is not seeing the humor in any of this. In fact, she got a little destructive.

Frank has been joined by another gargoyle. Meet Fred.

The porch is so full of hippos, gargoyles and Christmas rats that there’s hardly room to open the door. Not to worry. There’s still room to add flamingos to the yard.

First of all, let’s note (pun intended) that this entire story plays out via Karen’s notes and the neighbor’s antics. Passive aggressive yet hilarious! Maybe this is a case of too much time at home and too little to do, but we’re loving it, and we can’t wait to see what gets added to the porch next!

How would you react if your neighbor complained about your decor?