Chocolate Spill Brings Local Road to a Standstill in Germany

Although a road with paved with chocolate may sound like a sweet dream, it was a nightmare for workers in Germany. A spill from the DreiMeister chocolate factory caused pounds of liquid chocolate to flow onto a local road.

An overflowing tank was to blame for the Willy Wonka-esque scene, causing a ton of the melted confection to leak out on Weststrasse, a road in the town of Werl. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) it solidified into a stream of velvety pavement, giving firefighters a run for their money in terms of cleanup.

Because it was considered a traffic hazard, the road had to be shut down for two hours while crews used hot water, shovels and blow torches to undo the yummy damage. It was reopened around 10:00 pm that night.

In an announcement made to the public, the Werl fire department wrote a headline that read, “Chocolate lovers must remain brave while reading the following lines.” They shared that the chocolate formed a pancake that was 10 square meters in size and called it an unusual mission for the brigade.

A factory executive told a local newspaper that had this accident happened closer to Christmas, it would be a major disaster. They reopened later in the week and are back in production. Watch the clip below to see photos from the scene.

Would you have been tempted to taste if you were a bystander? What’s the best joke you can crack about this incident?