YouTube is great for listening to music, watching cat compilations, and teaching yourself how to do stuff you never thought you could do (like martial arts). Another thing it is good for is mesmerizing you with cake tutorials.

This is one of those moments that you won’t be able to stop watching. Yes, it is another fondant cake design – like the ones you’ve seen on Food Network – but seeing this come together is like witnessing an alien land in your back yard. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.

A layered chocolate cake takes the shape of a sofa in this clip. Created by a cake artist that goes by the handle “Cakes StepbyStep”, it morphs into a fondant masterpiece. If you are looking to get inspired or to hone your cake decorating skills, you can achieve that right here.

The first closeup shows a chocolate sponged cake being frosted with Italian meringue icing, and the couch is slowly being assembled. It is stacked and sliced with chunks of cake being hacked away. Cake lovers, we know what you’re thinking: “Who’s gonna eat those scraps!? Pass them here!”

Once the carving work is done and icing is applied for its double duty job as coverage and adhesive, the first sheet of chocolate fondant is rolled out. If you’ve never worked with fondant, know that it is not the easiest to maneuver.

You want it to go on smoothly so that you don’t have to undo it and start over. It is also prone to cracking if you’re not careful. This is especially true when it come to corners.

But this cake master has it under control, cutting, pinching, and smoothing with precision. Watch as special care is given to creasing the cushions and putting lines on the sofa’s bottom.

You can decide which part of this is the most hypnotic for you, but that quilted fabric effect is totally doing it. Keep an eye on how it’s done and the tufted accents.

Not much is known about the baker behind the YouTube vlog, but in addition to finding cool photos of her cakes, you’ll also find a list of tools and materials used to pull off these creations. The website is a great place to start.

You can find recipes on how to make marshmallow fondant, meringue icing, sponge cake, and ice cream cake. Cakes StepbyStep’s Instagram page showcases all the cake creations made by this talented artist, including a book with an eye and opens and shuts!

Watch this video to the end to see how the sofa cake turns out, including the finishing touches. If you are game to try your own hand at making a cake like this, you are in luck. Cakes StepbyStep has a whole set of templates available for download on the website. You too can become a cake wizard!

Are you feeling this cakey couch and its fine details? Do you bake and decorate with fondant? Would like to create a design similar to this?