First it was Dalgona coffee, the whipped coffee drink that you probably saw over and over on your social feeds. The trend came from a video someone posted on TikTok, and soon went viral for how easy, delicious, and innovative it was to make.

That’s the same reason pancake cereal went viral after another TikTok video erupted. Pancake cereal is essentially what you’d imagine it to be: mini pancakes in a bowl topped with all your favorite toppings—syrup, fruit whipped cream, whatever you’d like. You eat it with a spoon like you would cereal.

Well, now let us introduce you to the latest trend on the app: Chocolate chip cookie cereal. It’s like they took the pancake cereal and morphed it into a sweet tooth lover’s dream.

Okay, so it’s not all that original—we’ve seen mini cookies in a bowl of milk eaten as a breakfast food before back in the ‘90s: Cookie Crisp, anyone?

Nevertheless, chocolate chip cookie cereal is all the rage right now, and it’s really not hard to see why. Mini cookies for breakfast eaten with a spoon out of a bowl, what could be better?

It’s all thanks to a man named Justin Schuble, who posted his recipe for cookie cereal on TikTok. He came up with it after making a few modifications to pancake cereal.

“I added milk to my original pancake cereal attempt and got some backlash because milk and pancakes aren’t a combination we immediately think of,” he said. “So I started to think about things that actually work with milk — cookies!”

Brilliant, Justin, brilliant.

In addition to being delicious, cookie cereal is a great recipe to have on hand at the moment, since most people have all of the ingredients at home in their pantries already—and going to the grocery store is a luxury these days.

“Most of my recipes are simple, easy to replicate, and use ingredients that you probably have in your pantry because I want to provide my audience with ideas for what they can make at home,” he said. “Most people either have cookie dough in their fridge or have the ingredients necessary to make it.”

After a few attempts at making it, Justin posted his best tips and tricks for making the perfect cookie cereal.

First, it’s important to make sure you cut your dough into even pieces so that they bake evenly. Each cookie piece should have the same consistency. On that note, don’t roll the dough into balls—just round the edges. Plus, adding an extra chocolate chip will give it a better aesthetic.

Justin recommends baking the cookies for precisely seven minutes at 350F. Once they’re cooled and hardened, throw them in a bowl with milk—but only a little at a time so that the cookies don’t get too soggy.

If you’re not a chocolate chip fan, don’t fret. Cookie cereal can be made with any kind of cookie recipe!

What do you think of cookie cereal?