Ah, Chip and Joanna Gaines: One of our favorite HGTV couples. In case you don’t know (or live under a rock), Chip and Joanna star on their own home remodeling show, Fixer Upper.

The family currently has four children, two boys and two girls: Drake, 12, Ella Rose, 9, Duke, and 8, Emmie Kay, 7. And if you missed it, they recently announced they were pregnant with baby number five.

And now: they’ve announced to the world the gender!

Revealing the gender of your unborn child has become such a big moment in recent times. People throw parties and make videos, cakes, pop balloons—it’s a whole thing. We get it, it’s a huge moment and should be celebrated appropriately.

While Chip and Joanna didn’t do anything super crazy, they did announce the gender of baby number five in a pretty fun way.

So, just for some background: As mentioned, Chip and Joanna already have an even amount of boys and girls, four in total. And if you noticed, the two boy’s names start with a D and the girl’s names start with an E.

In a video posted to Chip’s twitter, Chip is chatting with a little boy named Gage saying he’s just about to have another baby and he needs his help coming up with a name. But not just any name—a D name! And there’s only one thing that could mean…

Chip and Joanna are having another boy!

Of course, both the ways in which they revealed they were pregnant as well as how they revealed the gender are super creative—after all, these are two very creative people.

We couldn’t be more excited for this couple and their growing family. The two have been together for more than 15 years. And considering they remodel houses for a living, that’s quite an accomplishment (considering I can barely paint a wall with my husband before getting into an argument about matte vs. gloss).

It makes sense then that they’d be taking a step back from their show Fixer Upper to focus more on family, especially since they’re still continuing to grow. PEOPLE published a cover story back in October announcing their decision to leave so they can give their all to their family.

Honestly, their kids barely even understand that their parents are famous. They don’t have a TV in their home, so they don’t watch the show. Chip and Joanna are always saying how they want their children to have a “normal childhood,” and enjoy the simple things in life—which is probably another reason they stepped away from their show.

For more information inside Chip and Joanna’s family life and how they raise their kids, be sure to check out the video below!

We can’t wait to see what the new member of the family will look like—or what they’ll end up naming him.

Side note: Chip really does need help coming up with a name for his third son. “So far all I could come up with was dragon,” he told Gage in his Twitter announcement.

What do you think Chip and Joanna should name their fifth child?