Belfast Zoo had their hands full when chimpanzees succeeded in escaping from their enclosure. Guests shot video of the caper in which the incredibly smart primates used tree limbs to make a ladder. Off they went!

One chimp was spotted walking along a path in the zoo but no one – neither human nor ape – was hurt. Visitors said the animals were cool and calm and just looked around after getting a small taste of freedom.

Zookeepers rounded up the rebels and said that most were too scared to wander from the enclosure. Spokesperson Clara Bailey told the BBC the zoo suspects recent storms weakened some trees, causing branches to fall.

The chimpanzees aren’t the only ones to hatch an escape plan at Belfast Zoo. Last month, a red panda “went missing” during the night but was found the next day in a garden. All of this sounds a bit like scenes from Madagascar to me.

In light of both incidents, zoo management is reviewing their safety and containment procedures, but also do not want to infringe on the animals’ habitats. They would prefer not to remove all pieces of foliage, but it is possible that trees will need to be trimmed.

Watch this video to see the chimps make a break for it. You have to admit that some small part of you may be rooting for these guys.

What do you think of this great escape? How would you have reacted if you saw a chimp on the loose at the zoo? Have you ever heard of animals escaping from a zoo near you?