When you hear the words budget and remodel in the same sentence, does one of your eyebrows go up? You’re probably thinking that the likelihood of a frugal remodel being done without something being demolished is unlikely.

Not here. With this budget, the bucks stop at $200. Isabelle of Engineer Your Space hooked her friend up with a nicely redone bathroom that came in under the set limit. Working in a small bathroom with bland features, she kicked up its look and functionality with only a few materials.

The things her friend-client wanted for his half bath: storage, new lighting, and elegance. Easy enough, huh? Armed with only $200 to get this job done, Isabelle bootstrapped this project successfully. Let’s peep how she turned a blah half-bath into a DIY chic space!

Starting with the vanity, Isabelle decided to go with a beautiful backsplash above the vanity. Best of all? It’s a peel-and-stick mosaic that doesn’t require sanding or grout! She simply cut it to size and fit the staggered edges of each piece together like a puzzle. Straight edges were created by using a utility knife, and the hardest part of this task was fitting the corner properly. Check the video to see her clever trick.

Image of peel and stick tile.EngineerYourSpace
To complete the backsplash, Isabelle used the tile manufacturer’s border edging. That too had adhesive backing, and was easily applied after a few cuts. All of that in under an hour!

Next up was the ‘80s style light fixture hanging above the mirror. Since total removal wasn’t an option due to budget restraints, Isabelle found a way to make it over. Using wood and fabric-covered plexiglass, she made a new lampshade that was outfitted over the existing bulbs. The lightweight DIY covering was then attached to the wall with Command strips.

The position of the original light fixture was off-center, so Isabelle placed the shade to the side of the base, giving it the appearance of being centered. Fabulous and low-budget, she made the entire thing for less than $15. Now that’s thrifty!

Find out how she tackled the storage issue by watching the clip below. Once everything was made and laid out in the space, Isabelle added a few decorative touches to bring the bathroom to life. A few other additions and replacements were made to modernize this bath. Its white walls no longer have a sterile, hollow feel as she was able to incorporate bunches of color through accents.

Coming in a few bucks under budget, Isabelle knocked out this entire project using combination of free items, inexpensive materials, and elbow grease. Not much time or money was required to transform this bathroom into a beautifully updated space. If you tried this at home, changing things around would only take you a few hours versus a few days to transform your space into something new.

What do you this of this inexpensive DIY bathroom remodel? Are you inspired to do a few things to perk up your own small space? Share with us in the comments!