Take a look at that cheese grater – yuck. Do you really want to be using that in the kitchen? We don’t think so. If your cheese grater is on its way out, consider upcycling it before you toss it in the trash. What can you possibly do with a rusted up old cheese grater, you ask? You can make it into this lovely jewelry holder! This DIY only requires a few simple supplies and a few minutes of your time to create something beautiful and functional for your bedroom. Watch the video below to see how the craft is done.



You can make this grater into just an earring holder, but if you have more jewels than you know what to do with, you’ll want to incorporate bracelets and necklaces as well. Below, we’ve broken down everything you’ll need for this DIY and a step-by-step breakdown of the project.

– Box cheese grater
– Medium pearl beads
– 4 medium screw hooks
– 3 small screw hooks
– Gluegun
– Toothpick
– Sandpaper
– Paints of your choice
– Palette
– Brushes
– Water

STEP 1: Take your small screw hooks and screw them into the small holes on one side of the grater.
STEP 2: To insure your hooks stay in place, squeeze out some hot glue, put it on a toothpick and wedge that glue behind your screw, so it sticks.
STEP 3: Mix your paints to get the color you’d like.
STEP 4: Apply the first coat of paint to the grater.
STEP 5: While the grater dries, make the feet. Take the largest hooks and put some hot glue on the tip. Glue on the pearl beads to jazz up the feet.
STEP 6: Paint one more coat all over your grater.
STEP 7: Once the grater is dry, glue the feet into the four inside corners of your grater. Then deck out with your jewelry!

What do you think of this DIY? Have you upcycled something into a gorgeous jewelry holder? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.