Cheap Mattresses at Goodwill Stores

Being a military family we have seen a few moves (ok 9 to be exact) and have been through our share of mattresses (especially when the movers pile stuff on top of them and destroy them).

Hot tip=the goodwill store here in colorado has brand spanking-in-the-plastic-awesome-pillow-top mattresses for cheap. We bought a queen pillow top and spent less than $300. Supposedly the goodwill gets a markdown from Denver Mattress Co. We use it for our guest bedroom and i take olympic competitive naps on it quite often=its excellent.

If you’re willing to spend some money, I highly suggest the swedish mattress system. It’s the memory foam one. A king ran us under 2K but we will never have to replace it unless the house catches on fire. We loved it so much we bought a full for our son (he loves it too). Over the long run it will save us big dollars. Just think of how many mattresses you’ve bought over the years!!!