The challenges of being a parent are numerous, but the biggest one is probably remembering ALL things at ALL times. Not only are you thinking about the laundry that has to be done, the groceries that have to be purchased, and the million other errands that you need to get to, but you also need to care for a small human with many needs.

Yeah, it’s far from being all cute Facebook photos and adorable little shoes.

With ten million things on your mind, it’s likely that you’re going to forget at least a few things. You might be a super-parent, but sometimes it’s just physically impossible to get it all done!

Usually, this is fine. So you forgot to wash the dishes — you’ll do them tomorrow! But other times, it’s a panic-worthy moment…like forgetting diapers or wipes when you’re out with your baby.

Another thing all parents know? You can never be 100% sure when your baby is going to have an accident. It could come anywhere, at any time, and that is TERRIFYING.

So, if you’re caught unprepared, moaning to the universe about how you “always have diapers on you” isn’t going to help anyone. You’re stuck and it’s time to get creative with what public bathroom supplies you can scavenge.

That’s why this incredible (and brilliant) act of kindness is so especially touching.

When Joy Clyde opened up the changing table in the bathroom of her local Target, she was confused to see a plastic bag with a note inside. The bag was stuffed with fresh diapers and baby wipes, and the note read:

“We have all been there, forget diapers, wipes, and your little one just exploded their pants! Hopefully this helps! Take what you need and leave any extra. Remember, it takes an army to raise children so let’s all help each other.”

The note was signed, “A mom who has needed help. Many times.”

Clyde couldn’t resist snapping a picture of the gesture and sharing it on social media, where it promptly went viral with thousands of shares and likes.

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