This Woman Wows the Judges Singing “Chandelier”

The popular talent television show, The X Factor, has a pretty long reach. Although the show might be filmed in the U.K., hundreds of countries tune in to watch talented people from all over the world show off what they’ve got to renown judges. One of those judges is, of course, the feared and respected Simon Cowell.

When contestants come to audition for this show, they know all too well that they’ll be going up against this stony-faced judge. It’s something that’s exciting and terrifying all at once, but it’s truly a part of this unique experience.

Saara was one of the many people who had come a long way to sing for the judges on The X Factor UK. But despite the fact that she’s from far away, Saara is still a big fan of the popular show.

“My hometown is just near the place where Santa Claus lives,” Saara explains to the contestant beside her. “I always had this one dream to be a real Disney Princess, since I was a child,” she continues. “I can sing ‘Let It Go’ in 15 languages.”

Saara is adorable and definitely one of the most excited people in the contestant room. She’s especially excited to sing in front of the judges, particularly Simon.

“It’s so crazy to meet Simon! I can’t believe it,” she tells another contestant as the entire room watches a huge screen that displays live auditions.

We’re not sure if we’d be QUITE as excited about singing in front of Simon Cowell as she is, but hey, more power to her.

When Saara finally enters the audition room, she tells the judges that she’s been performing for a very, very long time, mostly in “talent shows.” She came all the way from Finland to audition because she needs help getting into the public eye and launching her real career.

Slowly, the piano keys play one by one, as Saara opens her mouth to sing “Chandelier” by Sia. This is a bold choice; this power ballad is one of the most intense songs of the past few years, and the fact that the song is originally performed by a powerhouse like Sia makes the number a hard act to follow.

Saara begins softly, building the emotion during her cover. Gradually, the emotion climaxes to the chorus of the song, which Saara belts out like it’s nothing. She has an incredibly unique tone to her voice and an immense amount of power over the big notes of the song, which she nails with ease.

When she’s done, the judges are in total awe over what they’ve just heard! Simon even tells her, “That’s how you do it.”

Now, everyone knows that a compliment from Simon says a whole lot about a person’s singing abilities. And to Saara, who has come so far to chase her dreams, that compliment is everything.

After getting a “yes” from all three judges, Saara is happily going on to the next round of the competition! We hope, no matter how Saara does on The X Factor, that her career treats her well; as talent like hers definitely needs to be heard.

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