9 Celebrities Before and After They Started Rocking Grey Hair

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who let their hair go gray and those who run to the salon the second their silver roots start to grow out. While we absolutely understand the latter considering gray hair is a tell-tale sign of aging, lately, we’ve found ourselves really digging the au naturel look– and it seems that plenty of celebrities are, too!

Yep, even famous folks embrace the gray. Here are 9 examples of celebs who look even BETTER with silvery locks!

  1. Anderson Cooper

    His ultra-sleek silvery locks may be Anderson Cooper’s trademark, but that doesn’t mean the newsman is comfortable with his look. Just last year, he told Kelly Ripa that he wishes he “still had brown hair” because gray hair really isn’t his “thing.” We couldn’t disagree with you more, Anderson!

  2. Matt LeBlanc

    Friends actor, Matt LeBlanc was always quite the “tall, dark, and handsome” heartthrob, but we think the 50-year-old looks even better with frosty locks. “How you doin, Matt?”

  3. Diane Keaton

    Long ago, Diane Keaton solidified herself as a Hollywood icon, but these days the 71-year-old is spending her days rocking her gorgeous gray mane. She debuted the new look at the 2013 Golden Globes and hasn’t gone back to brown ever since!

  4. Daniel Craig

    Though this James Bond actor’s venture from blond to gray may not have been that much of a leap, we think his silver hair sure does complement his rugged good looks. Handsome, indeed!

  5. Helen Mirren

    It’s hard to remember that for most of her career, Helen Mirren sported a long, blonde mane. Though we think she looks stunning with the golden locks, she has certainly experienced more crossover success since going completely gray. Coincidence? We think not!

  6. Steve Martin

    No, Steve Martin’s hair wasn’t always gray. It began to go white around the time he hit 30 and, despite going back to his black roots for a handful of roles, he has remained silver ever since.

  7. Jamie Lee Curtis

    You won’t find this legendary actress ever trying to look anything but her age. In fact, she even told AARP Magazine in 2008 that she “wants to be older.” You go, Jamie!

  8. George Clooney

    It’s strange to think of Hollywood’s most notable “silver fox,” George Clooney, as sporting anything but gray hair, but up until the 1990s, George was rocking a dark brown look. It suffices to say that his gray really is working for him!

  9. Patrick Dempsey

    Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey may be looking a few years older than he did in his Grey’s Anatomy days, but we think he looks even better!

Pretty incredible before and after’s huh? We have to admit, we had completely forgotten what some of these celebs looked like without their signature gray hair. We’d love to hear your thoughts on all things gray. Which famous person looks best with the look? Have you gone gray? If so, are you happy with your new look?