Parenting is parenting and kids couldn’t care less whether people watch mom and dad on the big or small screen or whether they spend all day serving cappuccinos at Starbucks, teaching other kids, writing novels, and on and on.

As far as I can tell, kids are pretty much content to not know what our lives are like when we’re not in their presence. Which is perhaps why these 15 celebrity tweets are so relatable, despite the differences between their bank account and mine.

#15. I think potty training boys is a myth.

#14. You know you’re a dad when…you can’t resist cracking the dad joke.

#13. When you know you’re gonna steal something from your kiddo.

#12. We can all relate to wanting to murder your sleeping spouse during the pregnancy/baby years.

#11. Only a couple of days?

#10. Double bonus of relatable marriage material AND parent material.

#9. Like mother, like daughter.

#8. Even Reese Witherspoon can’t resist sharing a mom meme.

#7. A guaranteed hit.

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#6. It’s soooo hard not to laugh when they’re being cute but also bad.

#5. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve done until it’s too late.

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#4. When you know you’re being the dorky parent but you just can’t help yourself.

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#3. A milestone, for sure.

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#2. Welcome to owning a toddler.

#1. We all go to the same kid movies. And cry.

Kids, man. Love em or love em, I guess.