Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a chance meeting with a celebrity before.

Wow! What were they like? Did they smell good? What were they wearing? Did they sign an autograph for you, or maybe even agree to a selfie?

Lucky you! A selfie with a celeb sure does make your Instagram look a whole lot cooler! But, we do have another teeny, tiny question to ask…

Are you SURE that your snapshot of the beloved celebrity is truly legit? Is it possible that the person that you posed with was actually just a look-a-like who didn’t want to burst your bubble?

We know, we know– what type of bizarre celebrity doppelganger would actually do this to confused fans? Well, as it turns out, quite a few. Don’t believe us? Just take a peep at these devious celebrity look-a-likes and you’ll quickly see that this is a prevalent–and super hilarious!– phenomenon.

  1. Rihanna

    Lucky gal! If someone mistook us for RiRi our day would be MADE.

  2. Johnny Depp

    We don’t know who that guy is, but it definitely isn’t Johnny Depp.

  3. Macklemore

    Just because this guy is wearing a fur vest that looks like it came from a thrift shop doesn’t mean he sings a song about it!

  4. Oprah

    We’re not going to lie— the woman looks A LOT like Oprah!

  5. Common

    Something tells us that rapper Common doesn’t spend his days hanging out in the produce section of grocery stores.

  6. Morgan Freeman

    He might not be Morgan Freeman, but by the looks of it, he doesn’t mind being mistaken for him.

  7. Matthew McConaughey

    OK. In what WORLD would this guy be mistaken for Matthew McConaughey? The guy with the star over his face looks more like the actor!

  8. Andy Samberg

    At least this Andy Samberg look-a-like appears uncomfortable about the mixup.

  9. Zach Galifianakis

    Sure, this guy could be Zach Galifianakis’ stand-in, but he’s definitely not the real thing.

  10. Peter Dinklage

    Something tells us this Peter Dinklage imposter is no stranger to masquerading as the Game of Thrones star.

  11. Jake Gyllenhaal

    You’ve got to be kidding us…

  12. Bill Murray

    What we would give to be a fly on the wall in this room.

  13. Calvin Harris

    OK, we know this isn’t Calvin Harris, but it might just be Skrillex?

  14. Ed Sheeran

    Just because this guy is a ginger doesn’t mean he’s Ed Sheeran. Come on, people!

  15. Reese Witherspoon

    We kind of see the resemblance here…

  16. Bradley Cooper

    We wonder how often people approach this guy thinking he’s Bradley Cooper. Our guess is, not that often.

  17. President Barrack Obama

    Definitely not our former president, but he sure as heck looks a lot like him!

  18. Hugh Jackman

    Well, he’s got the Wolverine stance down pat!

  19. Tobey Maguire

    Looks like someone needs to get his eyes checked.

  20. Marilyn Manson

    Wanna know why we’re positive this isn’t Marilyn Manson? The person’s smiling! When was the last time you saw Marilyn Manson smile??

  21. Usher

    This wannabe Usher sure does know how to work the camera!

  22. Taylor Schilling

    OK, guys, just because a woman is blonde doesn’t mean she’s the star of Orange is the New Black.

  23. Ryan Gosling

    Do these guys think that every tall guy with a beard is Ryan Gosling??

  24. Maisie Williams

    Fun fact: when the dude in this picture posted the shot to Twitter, he tagged the real Maisie Williams in it. Unfortunately for him, the actress had to break the bad news to him publicly. Talk about embarrassing!

  25. Matt Damon

    It doesn’t get better than this, folks. This is a woman who thought she met Matt Damon, but she really just met Mark Wahlberg. We love that he didn’t correct her!

Which selfie is your favorite? Have you ever been duped by a celebrity look-a-like before? Have you ever met a REAL celebrity?