You would probably recognize a picture of Matt Damon or Charlize Theron nowadays, but do you think you’d recognize them from their childhood photos? It might be more difficult than you think. I know when I was looking at these childhood photos of celebrities, I could hardly identify who was who. It’s crazy to think that people like Beyonce and Adam Sandler took regular yearbook photos like we did in school, but it’s just another reminder that they’re people, too! Check out these childhood pictures of some of today’s most famous celebrities – a few of them are guaranteed to take you by surprise.

  1. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

    Young Beyonce

    This music superstar is definitely recognizable! You can definitely see this future music icon in her smile and the shape of her face. Even then, she was destined to be Queen Bey. All hail the Queen.

  2. Christopher Walken

    Young Chris Walken

    The actor, who has become the inspiration for many a celebrity impression, is photographed here in his 20’s, just at the start of his acting career. We’re willing to bet, even if you do recognized his unique stare, you’ve never seen Christopher Walken quite like this…

  3. Adam Sandler

    Young Adam Sandler

    This one is almost too easy! Comedian and beloved actor Adam Sandler poses here for a yearbook photo. I am the only one who wishes he still wore his hair like this? Killing it on picture day.

  4. Charlize Theron

    Young Charlize TheronSlipTalk

    This lovely yearbook picture is of none other than edgy actress Charlize Theron, who was living in her home country of South Africa at the time of this photo. Theron didn’t become an American citizen (while still retaining her South African citizenship) until 2007. Regardless of where she grew up, teenagers worldwide wish they took yearbook photos like this. My former teenage-self is wishing that right now.

  5. Katy Perry

    Young Katy PerryBed Frame Boys

    Pop singer Katy Perry is best known for her hit singles like “Firework,” “Roar,” and “This is the Part of Me.” Perry’s fans are anxiously waiting for the release of her next studio album (which she is in the process of recording now) but meanwhile will just have to settle with looking at her adorable middle school yearbook pictures! She still looks like herself, doesn’t she?

  6. Brad Pitt

    Young Brad Pitt

    This is probably the one that took me the most by surprise! This long-haired little boy playing on his school’s basketball team is none other than Hollywood hunk Bra Pitt. Is anyone else confused by the fact that his shirt says “Rejects”? Is that…his school’s mascot? Was this a team of players who didn’t MAKE the team? Regardless, he’s holding up a trophy, so you go, Brad.

  7. Keanu Reeves

    Young Keanu Reeves

    This one is, understandably, trickier to guess. Look past the flowing locks – do you see Matrix star Keanu Reeves yet? This little boy has some ways to go before he becomes one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. Starting with a haircut, perhaps?

  8. Angelina Jolie

    Young Angelina Jolie

    Following her husband from just a few entries back is the beautiful Angelina Jolie. Besides her killer cheekbones, Jolie is best known for her humanitarian efforts, as well as some iconic action adventure movies. She looks so different in this young photo! It’s pre-pre-Laura Croft.

  9. Kirstie Alley

    Young Kirstie Alley

    Don’t worry, Kirstie, I had the exact same haircut in middle school. I feel your pain. After she moved on from this…interesting…time in her life, Kirstie would star in the famous bar show Cheers as well as a slew of hilarious ’90s comedies.

  10. Matt Damon

    Young Matt Damon

    This one is my favorite! Actor Matt Damon obviously began his rise to stardom young, with his first feature role being “Humpty Dumpty” in a school play. Looks like an Oscar-bid to me, Matt, just saying.

  11. Megan Fox

    Young Megan Fox

    Remember when I said a while back that Brad Pitt had the most surprising photo? Scratch that. Photographed here is bombshell Megan Fox in her middle school yearbook photo…and it’s clear that things have changed, somewhat.

  12. Milla Jovovich

    Young Mila Jovovich

    American actress and model Milla Jovovich is pictured here at 13 YEARS OLD. Which is just not fair. What adolescent teen looks like this?! You may recognize her now as the star of the popular Resident Evil movie series.

  13. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Child Celebrity Pictures

    This was one of the ONLY ones I guessed right off the bat. I could see it in the shape of his face, his jawline, and his eyes – it’s Kindergarten Cop star, Arnold Schwarzenegger! Just kidding, but not really. This famous action star also took the lead in some of the ’90s most memorable comedies, although here he seems to helping out a school event, maybe? Don’t worry, he’ll be back…as a movie star and future California governor, that is.

Did you recognize any of these photos right off the bat? Which celebrities look the most or least like they do today? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!