This Cat’s Waiting for His Soldier Dad to Come Home. Watch What Happens!

We’ve all see the touching and very often tear-jerking videos of our soldiers coming home to see their families after being deployed for months or even years. But this might be one of the cutest (and the most unexpected) that we’ve ever seen.

Some of the sweetest videos are clips of dogs freaking out when they’re reunited with their soldier owners. Dogs are traditionally the most loyal and excitable pets, so nothing tugs at our heartstrings more than a pup getting emotional over their mom or dad coming home after months.

But what about cats? Truthfully, no one would expect this kind of behavior from a feline. Kitties are usually more reserved and independent than their canine counterparts – which is why this video really makes us “awww.”

This adorable cat has been waiting for his soldier dad to come home and on the day of his return, the cat is pacing by the front door in anticipation! She’s mewing her head off (way louder than we’ve ever heard a cat meow) and running around the kitchen with excitement.

Watch what happens when dad finally comes home in the sweet video below.