If you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning a cat before, then you know that felines love one thing above all else: boxes. That’s right, these temperamental fur babies are all about fitting themselves into practically any cube-like structures, but especially those made out of good, old-fashioned cardboard. For cat owners, the behavior may, quite possibly, be the least annoying part of their unusual personalities, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t them into a whole lot of trouble.

Take the case of Baloo, for instance. Baloo is a one-year-old kitten who hails from Nova Scotia, Canada. Recently, his owner, Jacqueline Lake, was packing a box for shipment when the mischevious feline did what all mischevious felines do when they get the chance; he jumped right into the box.

“He got under, so he wasn’t on top. He had gotten in through the little hole of the rim down into the bottom of the box,” Lake told CTV News Montreal

After taping up the box, Lake dropped it at her local shipment center. She then came home to realize that her beloved Baloo was nowhere to be found…until his owner had a stunning realization. Baloo was in the box!

Lucky for all involved (but mostly Baloo!), the cat was found, stuck in the box–and in good health– a whopping 17 hours later. According to the owner, he had traveled an astounding 700 miles away from home, en route to Montreal. The shipping company delivered the cat to the local SPCA and have made arrangements to get him back to his owner soon.

Talk about having nine lives! To learn more about Baloo’s day out, be sure to watch the video below.

We’d love to hear your take on this incredible kitty! Are you surprised that Baloo survived his trip? Does your cat love to jump in boxes? Has something similar ever happened to you before?