Cats are certainly entertaining creatures. They can get into the craziest circumstances, yet they manage to look cute the entire time. No matter what situation they get themselves into, they seem to own it.

While we’re always surprised at the circumstances cats find themselves in, we’d never seen a cat at a fashion show…until now.

If you’ve ever seen a fashion show, you know that the models are usually tall and thin, and the clothes are the center of attention. The event usually seems pretty serious, and the models usually don’t have smiles on their faces; they have that “fierce” look Tyra Banks used to talk about on Top Model.

Well, at Esmod International Fashion Show in Turkey, everyone was in for a surprise when an uninvited guest showed up and completely upstaged the clothes.

You guessed it. It was a cat.

A random cat somehow ended up on the catwalk. Oh, the irony!

This adorable kitty didn’t seem to notice or care that models were walking around him or that everyone was staring at him. The feline looked completely at home. In a video that was recorded of the event, he was seen sitting, rolling over, and even strutting his stuff.

We were honestly impressed with his pose at the end of the catwalk.

The models did a great job ignoring the cat as much as possible which must have been extremely hard to do. We know we would’ve been distracted with a cat under our feet.

While the models didn’t miss a step, we did notice some smiles creeping onto their faces. It must have been so hard for them not to laugh.

Everyone at the event was surprised to see a cat. You can clearly hear people snickering in the audience.

Fashion designer Göksen Hakkı Ali says, “Everybody was in shock.”

Perhaps the curious cat wanted to see what it was like to be a model. Hakki Ali seems to think it’s possible. She said, “Haha, maybe. Why not?”

Watch the video below to see this kitty on the catwalk for yourself.


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While, we may never know how a cat became the center of attention at this fashion show, it certainly made us smile.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen a cat do? Does it surprise you to see a cat at a fashion show?