Have you ever moved into a new house only to discover that someone else is currently living there? By someone else we mean a cat. And by “there” we mean outside. This has happened to us, and since we like cats, we gave the cat food and water, basically saying in cat-speak, “we’re your people now.” Yes, we now had a pet cat.

Another similar situation happened in Montana. Fluffy the cat lived at her address before the current residents moved in. The new owners became the outdoor cat’s new owners too.

It gets cold in Montana, and this year has been no exception. Just last week, it was in the single digits with lots of blowing snow on the ground. Fluffy was right there in it.

According to Fluffy’s owners, they returned home to find Fluffy outside in the snow. She was crouching down, and it looked like she was stalking something in a snow drift, perhaps ready to pounce. Then, they realized Fluffy wasn’t moving.

The owners picked up Fluffy and rushed her to the vet. She was so cold that her temperature didn’t even register on a thermometer. Her fur was covered with snow and matted with ice.

The vet’s office rushed to try to save Fluffy. They used things like cage warmers, warm blankets and even intravenous fluids to warm up the kitty. They did not give up on Fluffy.

Miracle of miracles, Fluffy eventually responded. She made a growling sound. That’s when they knew the cat was going to be okay.

The vet’s office says that the owners did not do anything wrong. It seems that the cat got injured somehow while she was outside and wasn’t able to run to safe spot out of the snow like the normally would.

Watch the video below for more on this amazing survival story.


The vet’s office posted about the amazing kitty survival story on Facebook, and the comments are mixed. Many people are applauding the vet’s office for saving the cat. For example, one person wrote, “This is a miracle with some quick thinking on the part of her ‘parents’ and this wonderful vet!!!!!! This outdoor cat has certainly used up one of her 9 lives! She is so lucky that she found such amazing care. LOVE this story!!!!!!!!”

Another commenter adds, “It really is true that with hypothermia they aren’t dead until they are warm and dead. Excellent save! So glad the veterinarians and technicians and the owner worked hard to save this cat! ♥️♥️♥️”

On the other hand, there are many comments saying that cats should be kept indoors.

One person writes, “Thank you for saving this beautiful precious life.I hope the owners will now make their cat an INDOOR CAT.”

Another comment reads, “I’m going to say it… Hopefully fluffy gets a new set of Owners along with her new lease on life. There is absolutely no excuse for allowing that to happen. I hope the police are investigating animal abuse… Thankfully the owners allowed professionals to try to save the cat… I hope it cost them a fortune because they need to learn a lesson one way or another and maybe money is the only lesson that they’ll get.”

What do you think of this survival story? Do you think cats should be kept indoors?