Ever heard of Castile soap? If you haven’t, Castile soap is a gentle, olive oil-based product that can work wonders in your beauty routine and in your house! The most popular brand is Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap, but you can find a range of different Castile soap brands, all with the same amazing results. Curious to find out what Castile soap can do for you? Watch the video below to learn just a few of this products’ amazing uses.

Castile soap originates from the Castile region of Spain, which is known for its olives. It would make sense then that traditional Castile soup is an olive oil-based product.

And, as we know, olive oil works WONDERS with so many things. Here’s just a few ways you can use magical Castile soap:

Looking for a chemical-free way to get squeaky clean? Bathe with Castile soap! You’ll feel like you’re in the 11th century…in a good way.

Because Castile soap is an extremely gentle cleaner with all-natural ingredients, it works extremely well to clean all floor surface. Just mix 1/4 cup of Castile soap into two gallons of hot water and you’ll get floors that shine.

Just a few drops in your hand works to clean your brushes – without mixing chemicals into your makeup! Swirl the brush around in the Castile soap and it will be sparkling clean and safe to use.

If you love DIY cleaning products, you can use Castile soap wherever you would use dish soap in your projects.

Eating fruits and veggies is great for you, but eating them without cleaning them is a big no. Wash fruits and veggies in a big bowl of water with a dash of Castile soap to get them nice and edible…just make sure to rinse them off with cold water and let them dry before consuming!

Is it just us, or is foaming soap SO MUCH BETTER than regular hand soap? Amen. You can make your own foaming soap using Castile soap.

Not sold with these uses? Fair. Here’s a few more reasons Castile soap is worth the extra buck or two:

– Vegan Friendly
– Ecologically Safe
– All-Natural Ingredients
– Gentle on Sensitive Skin

What do you think of Castile soap? Are you down to give it a try? Share your experiences with this super soap in the comments section below.