A few days ago, J.Lo took to Twitter to invite some friends to join her on a 10-day challenge. She was at the gym when she posted the video, but the challenge had nothing to do with exercise. It was health-related though.

The 10-day challenge that J.Lo was talking about involves cutting out carbs, sugar and caffeine for 10 days. That includes fruit like bananas and oranges.

In her tweet, she called out Hoda Kotb from NBC’s Today show, inviting her to join the challenge. On Today, Hoda said she would accept the challenge, but she was trying to get in contact with J.Lo to see if she could get an exception for caffeine. After all, she is a morning talk show host. Caffeine is kind of essential for the job.

Hoda asked her co-hosts to join her on the challenge. Al Roker said he’s basically already doing the challenge since he’s on a keto diet. Savannah Guthrie sounded interested in accepting the challenge if she could still have coffee. Carson Daly was the only co-host who specifically volunteered to join Hoda on the challenge.

Watch the video below to hear J.Lo explain more details about the 10-day challenge.

After spending the weekend doing the 10-day challenge, Hoda and Carson gave updates on how the challenge was going.

Hoda confessed that she had two minor cheats, but otherwise, she was completely committed to the challenge. She also loved the increase in energy she felt after starting the challenge.

Carson’s experience was completely different.

You see, Carson thought the 10-day challenge would be easy. He didn’t think it would be hard to give up carbs and sugar for 10 days. He didn’t think he ate very many foods that fell into either of these categories.

Then, shortly after accepting the challenge, his sister, who doesn’t cook very often, invited Carson and his family over for dinner. She made individual chicken pot pies. Hello, carbs. Over the weekend, he also went to one of his favorite restaurants, and someone at his table ordered french fries. Hello, temptation.

Beyond the carb temptations, when Carson accepted the challenge, he didn’t realize that there’s sugar in just about everything. He didn’t realize just how many of his favorite foods he would have to temporarily stop eating.

Watch Carson share his honest, real feelings about this challenge in the video below.

Do you think you could do a 10-day no carb, no sugar challenge without cheating?