The 2020 American Country Music (ACM) awards were unusual this year. That’s not just because they were postponed from their original date. That’s not just because they didn’t have an audience. That’s not just because the performers were in different venues around Nashville instead of all in one location.

There was one more unusual thing about the ACM awards show this year, and it had nothing to do with COVID-19. For the first time in history, there was a tie for the Entertainer of the Year award. 

Thomas Rhett and Carrie Underwood both won the Entertainer of the Year in 2020. While some people think that a tie is ridiculous and that there should’ve been another round of voting to pick just one winner, the winners don’t seem to mind.

In her acceptance speech, Underwood said, “Thank you to the ACM for putting me in such incredible company. I am more than happy to share this with Thomas Rhett.”

That is far from the most notable part of Underwood’s speech. Actually, the most notable part of her speech is who she forgot to mention.

After the awards show, in the virtual press room, the singer apologized for forgetting to thank her husband and children. She said, “First I want to say that I’m a dummy for not mentioning my husband or my children in my acceptance speech. You would think after this many years of seeing other people do speeches and give some of my own, I would think of people that are important to me, so I’m sorry! But I do love my children and my husband.”

Watch the video below to hear Underwood’s apology.

Not only does Underwood love her husband and children, but she also loves when she gets a chance to share her passion for music with them. In an upcoming Christmas album, the song “Little Drummer Boy” will feature her son Isaiah.

Do you think there should have been another vote to pick just one winner for Entertainer of the Year? Did you watch the ACM awards shows?