Don’t Throw Away That Cardboard Box, Transform it with This Gorgeous DIY

We’ve seen kids turn cardboard boxes into forts, rockets, and cars, but adults can get in on some cardboard wizardry too. And we’re not talking throwing some old papers into one either. You can totally remake the look and purpose of cardboard boxes for storage.

Save cardboard boxes from the recycling heap or trash pile and repurpose them. Using boxes of any size, including diaper boxes, shoe boxes, or shipping boxes you have sitting around, turn them into organizers and bins placed throughout your home. Peep the steps for a DIY storage bin below.

Woven Storage Basket

In the video below, we learn how you can get the look of a woven basket using jute twine, rope or string to cover an empty cardboard box. The result? A homemade basket!


  • Strong cardboard box
  • Roll of string/rope
  • Fabric
  • Hot glue gun with glue
  • Needle and thread


  1. Use your hot glue gun to make lines of glue around the width of your cardboard box. After each line is done, immediately cover it with your string/rope to the corner. Repeat this on the next side of the box and keep going upward until the entire box is covered in string/rope.
  2. Place your box in the center of your fabric. Fold up the fabric so it covers the sides, pinning the fabric into place at the top of the corner.
  3. Pin upwards, along the each corner of the box.
  4. Using the pins as a guideline, sew up each corner with a neutral colored thread. After each corner is sewed together, snip off the excess fabric and remove the top pin.
  5. Remove the fabric from the bottom of the box and place it inside the box. Fold the fabric over the top of the cardboard and tuck it down inside to complete the project.

Get extra creative by experimenting with wallpaper, scrapbook paper, or upcycled clothing to add to the design of these woven boxes! Go for a lidded look by using bankers’ boxes. Gather up different sized boxes for a set of nested “baskets.”

What are your thoughts? Do you have any ideas for turning cardboard into something new? Tell us in the comments!