I love caramel apples but sometimes I don’t want a whole apple and the challenge of not getting caramel all over your snout when you try to eat it all. These fun-size caramel apple bites are perfect for parties and get togethers and you can create them with your favorite toppings in mind. Check out the video below:

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What You’ll Need:

– Apples (we used Granny Smith, but use your favorite)
– Caramel to Melt
– Melon Baller
– Lollipop sticks (don’t have lollipop sticks use toothpicks or cut wooden skewers in half)
– Toppings (we used rainbow sprinkles and crushed ginger snaps but you use your imagination, maybe crushed candy corn, peppermint, or oreos)


– Melt Caramel in microwave.

– Melon ball your apples cutting out little lollipop sized piece of apple. I got around 5 bites per apple and eight the rest of the apple.

– Wait for Caramel to cool a bit so it’s not runny otherwise the caramel will run.

– Skewer the Apple bites with your lollipop sticks or toothpicks.

– Dip the apple bites in the caramel.

– Dip the caramel apple bites in your favorite topping and serve.