Every once in a while we love going for a nice hike through the woods. Who doesn’t, right? There’s just something so peaceful about feeling the breeze blowing through your hair and feeling the crunch of the autumn leaves beneath your boots before stepping firmly down on a big, squishy…. SNAKE! Eek!!

OK, that’s never really happened to us, but we’ll admit that the mere thought of accidentally coming toe to toe—or rather, toe to tail—with a slithering serpent is one of the few reasons why we don’t go hiking as much as we should.

We know, we know, it’s not exactly the best excuse in the world for getting out of exercise, but it’s not without some merit.

Let’s take a look at Florida, for instance. In the past, we’ve covered the state’s snake problem—they do have a tendency to hide out in residents’ attics—but until now, we had yet to show you what it would be like to come across one of the Sunshine State’s 44 famous species.

Now, the one that we are going to show you today is indeed part of those 44 species, but it is actually a member of a more elite group that contains only 6—the venomous snakes.

Can you find the concealed copperhead?

Though you likely haven’t been able to spot it in the image above, the snake that is actually hiding in plain sight is called a copperhead—and boy is it nasty! You see, copperheads are known to be one of the most vicious venomous snakes that North America has to offer.

What makes these particular guys so incredibly creepy is the fact that they are one of the most commonly spotted pit vipers around, mainly due to the fact that they can happily survive in a range of different terrains and climates. Copperheads can be found as far north as New England, all the way down to Mexico, and throughout the entire state of Florida.

Because they do “get around”, it perhaps comes as no surprise that these creatures bite more people in the U.S. than any other snake—that, and the fact that they strike the second they perceive a threat. C’mon, no warning?!

That being said, these vipers are actually quite beautiful, a trait you would surely notice if you were able to spot the snake in the image above. What—you don’t see it??

We’ll give you ONE hint; this particular snake has tan and brown coloring with diamond-shaped designs on its back…

So, do you see it now??

OK, OK, no need to go crazy here! To get the final answer on where this clever snake is hiding, as well as some pretty nifty info on these slithering serpents, be sure to watch the video below. The next time we go hiking, our eyes are going to be fixed on the ground, that’s for sure!

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this camouflaged snake. Were you able to spot the copperhead without help from the video? Have you come across one of these snakes before? If so, what did you do?