When you make a layer cake, do you struggle to get each layer nice and even? Cakes can be fickle, and sometimes no matter how skillful we are, they come out of the oven rounded, sinking, or just plain uneven. On top of our skill, we need some tricks, and luckily Monkey See has rounded up THREE great leveling hacks from master cake decorator Sandy Shepherd. Watch and learn!

We’ve also heard some really great advice shouted out on Facebook. Many of our commenters have written in with some additional tips that could help this cool tip work even better:

1. Make sure you soak the towel strip so it’s wet before you wrap it around the pan. Ring it out, then wrap and pin.
2. Sprinkling some sugar on the tops of each layer can further help to keep the layers flat.
3. If you wrap the towel around the pan before the cake batter is poured in, you should be able to get this job done without much mess!