Okay, optical illusion fans. We’ve got a cool new puzzle from the Dudlof himself! If you don’t know, Gergely Dudás, aka “Dudlof,” is a children’s book illustrator who specializes in creating fun seek-and-find picture games that are stumping adults and kids alike. Lately, the man has been putting out a ton of them that continue to make us, admittedly, stare at our computer screens for entirely too long trying to find his hidden objects or creatures. Sure, it’s a time suck, but it’s a fun one, and we think you should join us if you haven’t already.

If you haven’t seen his latest puzzles, be sure to try and find the mouse among the squirrels in this picture, or the tiny snowman in this wintry puzzle. If you’ve aced those, then it’s time to move on to some of his more seasonal puzzles, like finding the heart among the snails in this Valentine’s Day puzzle or Santa’s hat among the snowmen in this Christmas puzzle.

Completed all of those? All right, get ready for his latest puzzle—one that’s getting us in the mood for spring. He hid a tiny yellow butterfly among a swam of lovely yellow sunflowers. The scene is sprinkled with furry animal creatures, like a playful fox, bunny and skunk and others, plus bright green grass is peaking through as well.

It’s a warm, happy, sunshine-y scene, and…oh wait, what are we trying to find again?

We won’t sugarcoat it: Once you get passed how cheery the photo is, you might sink into a deep frustration. This is has got to be the most challenging puzzle of Dudlof’s yet! The butterfly blends in so well with the petals of the sunflowers that it feels near impossible to find, even after looking the photo up and down, back and forth.

Take a look at the photo below and see if you can find the butterfly.

Well, did you find it?

Scroll down for a hint!

Okay, ready for a hint? Focus on the top left corner of the photo. Focus on that area and see if you can find that butterfly. Here’s the photo again.

Okay, did you find it? If you’ve searched everywhere for it and still haven’t found it, you can find the answer in Dudlof’s solution right here. Just make sure you’re absolutely done searching before you click!

Did you ever find the butterfly among the sunflowers? How long did it take you to find if you did eventually discover it?