Quick-Thinking Bus Driver Spots Baby Wandering Barefoot on a Freeway Overpass and Acts Quickly

A Milwaukee city bus driver is being hailed as a hero after pulling over to help an abandoned child in the street. This past December, Irina Ivic was driving when she saw a toddler wandering barefoot near a highway overpass.

She immediately pulled over and ran across the street to pick up the child, who was scared, crying, and running. The baby girl was wearing just a diaper and a onesie in freezing morning temperatures. Ivic brought her onto her warm bus to wait for the authorities to arrive.

Firefighters and police checked out the little girl and other than being cold, she was okay. Officials learned that she was less than a year old and her mother had left her outside on the street. Family members said that the woman suffered some sort of mental health crisis which led to the frightening incident.

The baby was turned over to her father’s care and is well. Ivic stated that although she was upset by what she saw, if she ever found herself in a situation like that again, she would help. As it turns out, Milwaukee County Transit drivers have rescued eight other lost and abandoned children in recent years while out on their routes.

It is a good thing Ivic was on that street at 8:00 that morning otherwise there’s no telling what would have happened to that baby. Hit play below to hear more about this story and how passengers stepped in to help.

Have you ever encountered a situation like this with a lost child? What are your thoughts on this story?