You’ll Want to Get Twisted with this Bun Hair Hack

The bun is a quintessential hairdo that has many manifestations: high, low, side, bubble, braided, doubled, and the list goes on. By no means are they boring! Buns are great for bad hair days and can also be made fancy for dressy occasions.

If you’re working on becoming adept at the many styles of buns, then here’s another one for you to master. One of the more imaginative versions we’ve come across is this hot crisscross bun. No, not like the sweet ones sung about in that nursery rhyme, but still a winner.

Hair hacker Tina Lee of MakeupWearables Hairstyles dropped a video for an elegant crisscross bun updo and it’s gorgeous! This style is great for those of you who have medium length to long hair, and it can be done in a few minutes. Your fingers do most of the work and there’s no heat involved at all. Take a look below.

Elegant Crisscross Bun


  • Small elastic hair bands
  • 2 -3 hair clips
  • Hair pins (bobby pins)


  1. Divide It

    Section the hair off to create 4 equal ponytails. This is done by making vertical parts in the hair and banding each ponytail at ear level.

  2. Loop It

    Starting with a ponytail closest to your ear, slip your finger underneath the hair band and loop the hanging section of hair through. It will look and feel weird, but just go with it. Clip it out of the way and repeat with the remaining 3 ponytails.

  3. Cross It

    Now that you have 4 looped ponytails, you will divide each one again. Start with a ponytail on the end, and divide the hair into top and bottom sections. Take the top piece of hair and cross it over the bottom piece, making the bottom the new top. Clip the top part out of the way. Repeat with the other 3 ponytails.

  4. Band It

    Gather the bottom section of dangling ponytails and smoothly pull it to one side. Band it together into one loose ponytail.

  5. Tuck It

    If your hair is shorter, you can tuck and pin the ponytail under the gathered section. For longer hair, do as Tina does and braid the tail first, then tuck and pin it under the bottom part of the bun.

  6. Straighten It

    Straighten the edges of the bun out and loosen the bottom pieces.

  7. Roll and Twist It

    Grab the top section of hair and keeping the separate pieces intact for a braided effect, smoothly bring the hair to the side. Roll the top part of the hair inwards and twist the tail slightly. Wrap the loose hair around the bottom of the bun, covering the exposed hair bands. Tuck and pin to keep all the hair in place. You’re finished!

    Once you’re done, you can use your fingers to loosely separate the sections for the crisscross look. This style is a cute way to add volume and texture to your hair without sprays or donuts. Dress this up or down with a headband or a decorative barrette. What do you think of this sweet bun? Is this a work day or date night style for you? Tell us in the comments!