Who doesn’t love going to the beach? I’ve met maybe two people who don’t, but they both say the same thing: they hate the way the sand seems to get into everything. Even those of us who think the beach is the best place in the world aren’t fans of the fact that if you’re going to go, you should be prepared to bring about half of it back with you and keep finding kernels weeks after your trip has ended. We’ve resigned ourselves to it so far, but the Day Tripping Mom has a secret weapon for getting rid of the scratchy, sticky stuff: baby powder.

How does it work? We’ll let Day Tripping Mom explain:

Basically what happens is that the baby powder removes moisture from your skin and allows for the sand to easily come off. It works on hair, feet, and legs. Once you try it, you won’t want to head to the beach without it. If you don’t like using baby powder or prefer using something more natural, you can also use cornstarch and it works just as well.

So there you have it— once you’re ready to leave the sand, simply dust your hands, arms, legs and other limbs with some baby powder, and the sand will shake right off. It’s also a great helper for speeding up the drying process! It makes so much sense that I kind of can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before! Have you? What do you think of this tip? When you go to the beach, do you resign yourself to the sand or do you have your own tricks for leaving it there?