I won’t lie to you guys— when I first read the words “button tree,” I was pretty skeptical. But this homemade art from Crafts by Amanda is both easy-to-make and totally beautiful! Gather up all those extra buttons floating around your home, grab some 3-D paint, and add some branches of colorful, textured fun to your walls.

You’ll Need:

– Canvas, about 20 inches by 24 inches, or your preferred size
– Pastel spray paints in blue, purple, pink and yellow
– Brown metallic finish paint
– 3-Dimensional paint in brown, black and white earth tones (Crafts by Amanda uses Jacquard Lumiere 3-D Paint in Black, Brass, Bright Copper and Gold Pearl)
– Buttons, in a variety of sizes, types and your favorite colors
– Craft glue

Button TreeCrafts by Amanda

How To:

    1. Spray paint your canvas, using all four colors of spray paint until you have a background for your tree that makes you happy. Let it dry for about 1 hour.
Button Tree Spray PaintCrafts by Amanda
    1. Sketch your tree onto the canvas using a pencil.
    2. Paint the tree with the brown metallic finish paint, using a liner brush on your thinner branches.
Button Tree Sketch and PaintCrafts by Amanda
    1. Give the tree a textured effect by filling in the trunk and tracing the branches with thin lines of the 3-D paint.
Button Tree 3D PaintCrafts by Amanda
    1. Glue the buttons all over the canvas, lining the branches with them and saving the smallest buttons for the outer edges.

Button Tree 2Crafts by Amanda
That’s it! How easily elegant is this idea? What other trinkets around the home do you think you could use in addition to buttons?