Are you dying for a little extra storage in your small bedroom? Maybe you’re just looking to add a little pizzazz to an otherwise boring bedroom? Well, we have the perfect bedroom upgrade for you – and it can be done with two simple IKEA cabinets! This handy dad built this bookshelf bridge for his oldest daughter, as a gift for her landing her dream job. He did it using only cheap IKEA cabinets and some serious imagination. Watch the video below to see the project for yourself.

This bookshelf bridge is amazing. It’s meant to be a re-imagining of bedside tables, providing all-around-you storage space instead of just the space of one tiny table.

What a brilliant way to add storage and take up blank wall space!

The bridge that this dad created spans the size of a Queen bed, however you could always alter the size of the bridge for whatever size bed you have.

Make sure to watch the video to see this dad go through the project step-by-step, even documenting the mistakes and changes he made along the way to make this unique shelving unit for his oldest daughter.